Ever heard of RunCloud? 😍 (Review)

RunCloud Logo Amagad! RunCloud!

Have you heard of RunCloud? (affiliate link!) I recently used there free trial which is only for 5 days, but boy was it a fun ride! Now I’m a paying member!!

UPDATE: RunCloud offer 25% OFF when upgrading. Use coupon code startupworldcup (offer lasts until 30 April 2018).


OK, so after the most serious security breech at VestaCP I had to look for something else. First and foremost, Runcloud is primarily for web apps and databases. Although they have a lot more features and tools, they do not offer any kind of DNS or email software like VestaCP does – but that’s OK because if you use third party services such as Cloudflare (fastest DNS provider in the world) and Rackspace Email (cheap, reliable email provider) then it really doesn’t matter.


RunCloud Features

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It’s super simple to set up a web application, and it comes with it’s own Script Installer to help you easily set-up the most common scripts such as WordPress. They also pre-build the technology configurations so you get a quick website out-of-the-box and my most favorite… there’s an online FTP file manager for every application you deploy for quick access 😍.

RunCloud also comes with a Backup area so you can freely backup all your applications and databases as often as you like. This feature is not free, and I feel it’s quite expensive at $0.06 per day for a web application AND database. It’s especially expensive if you have multiple of the two. That’s why I created my own backup script which stores them right on your Google Drive (post coming soon), and in conjunction with my delete files from Google Drive script it works really well as a backup solution.

The Con (so far)

Sometimes when adding new users, web applications, or databases it can “hang” and not correctly add them. All you need to do is re-do what you were doing and then it works perfectly. That being said, their support is fantastic. I’ve raised a few issues and they’ve all been sorted within about 30 minutes.



7 thoughts...

  1. Alex says:

    How did you add the popup that shows up before this article which looks like the Runcloud.io homepage?

    1. I just copied some assets from Runcloud’s homepage and added it to my site after some editing.

      1. Alex says:

        Oh that’s awesome! How’d you manage to insert it into WordPress though? Could you share the code with me so I can copy it onto my site for my Runcloud review.

  2. Maurizio Michele Savoni says:

    so you are leaving VestaCP?

    1. Nope! I’m still using VestaCP too!

      1. Alex says:

        Which do you prefer?

        1. I’m tied. VestaCP has email and DNS but RunCloud doesn’t.

          I’m using both and like them the same!

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