RunCache & WP Rocket Bridge

I always think Runcloud is amazing, and with their own priority RunCache Purger plugin so that NGINX caches pages (which means it doesn’t need to pass through PHP – yay!), it’s an awesome tool however, WP Rocket is incompatible and vice-versa. I ❤️ WP Rocket, so I decided to create a mini WordPress plugin which bridges the gap!

RunCache Speed Example

The above image is a speed example of this blog post after being cached into NGINX and doing a hard refresh (CTRL + F5). 41ms response time! 😍

What is RunCache Purger?

RunCache Purger is a WordPress plugin that Runcloud created to purge the NGINX fastcgi, Proxy Cache, and Redis Object Cache. It works great, but what it doesn’t work great with is other optimization plugins such as WP Rocket. If you don’t already know, WP Rocket is the best optimization plugin around.

If you are on the RunCloud platform (affiliate link!), then go ahead and create a new WordPress application. Once it’s created, you’ll see a new option called RunCache in the sidebar at the bottom. Click this and you’ll be prompted for a few details as in the screenshot below:

RunCache & WP Rocket

Because my blog and other websites can be cached for a long time, I simply entered 6000 minutes which equates to a 41 day cache; I also increased the cache folder size to 1GB. Once you hit the button Install RunCache, it will do it’s thing and set up everything you need to use NGINX’s cache system.

Just FYI: it’s going to install it’s own WordPress plugin on your application and immediately set up NGINX caching.

Where do I install the RunCache & WP Rocket Bridge plugin for WordPress?

You can download the prepackaged Plugin, or simply head to GitHub and check it out – seriously it’s only a few lines of code!

Once you’ve installed my little bridge plugin, you can sit back and relax. Every time WP Rocket clears the cache, you can be safe knowing my plugin is also clearing the NGINX cache.

Let me know how you get on!

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