RootNerds / IAMONSYS Review

rootnerdslogoI thought I would tell you all to stay away from RootNerds / IAMONSYS. This is my review. They’re the same company and rumoured to be sold. An unfortunate event happened yesterday on the 7th June whereby one of my Virtual Private Servers I had with them in Germany went offline. It’s still offline as I write this (20 houriamonsys_logo_500pxs + offline) and I imagine the company has now completely shut down without a single word to me or it’s other clients.

Stay away from RootNerds / IAMONSYS

I did all what I was supposed to do, you know, wait an hour, open a ticket – but still nothing. Not a peep.

My account and VPS control panel still work but it reports my VPS is offline, and those handy buttons (Reboot, Start, etc) don’t work.

Their Twitter and Facebook are dead – I just wish I saw it coming.

Luckily it was not one of my main VPS’ and only a handful of information was lost. It was out-of-hours when it went offline and I waited about 4 hours until I transferred everything to my England VPS provided by the lovely HostUS (referral link). Check out my review of HostUSyou won’t be disappointed in them.

To be fair — the reason this VPS was not storing anything important was because the performance of the VPS felt like an almost-full dedicated server running on an Atom processor.

Hopefully this will help someone in future if they make miracles are revive.

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