Redirect in NGINX: 301 & 302

12th May 2016 - NGINX

NGINX Logo for RedirectNGINX is becoming more popular every second – and it’s because it’s super fast. In this tutorial I’m going to show you the difference between a 301 and 302 redirect in NGINX and how to implement them. But first, let’s know the difference.

301 redirects are what is known as permanent redirects. This tells search engines that the old page has been moved permanently.

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EU Cookie Law jQuery Tool

29th August 2013 - PHP
This really simple script to adhere to the EU Cookie Law is literally a copy/paste job which informs the user about cookies and asks them what they would like to do. If they accept cookies then it removes the notification for 365 days. If they decline the use of cookies it then continuously deletes any cookies set.

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Free Theme for ZPanel SS88 Light

28th February 2013 - Uncategorised

Update: zPanel is no longer a good choice for a control panel. It is no longer developed and has many security flaws. Please upgrade to VestaCP.

We’re releasing a free theme template for ZPanel today. It’s called SS88 Light and it’s for the version 10.0.2.

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ZPanel Module: Core Database Backup

25th January 2013 - Uncategorised

Update: zPanel is no longer in development (and is now a serious security risk). If you use zPanel, please try the secure VestaCP. You’ll love it.

If you’re into ZPanel like me then you’ll love this new zPanel module I’ve made. Simply put, it dumps the ZPanel core databases and sends them to an e-mail of your choice either instantly or on a daily basis.

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Fixing That Toshiba Satellite L10-114 Wireless Driver For Vista

24th March 2008 - Uncategorised

Hey everyone. I’ve had a little problem recently with my laptop with the wireless drivers on the Toshiba Satellite L10-114. Apparently, the company who supplied the hardware, INPROCOMM went bust or was bought out (i presume) in 2005. I’ve found a way how to get it working again in Windows Vista.

Now everyone with a Toshiba Satellite L10-114 laptop might be stressing that their wireless won’t work. Well, I couldn’t find an answer on Google and the one and only driver that was supposed to work, didn’t. It infact produced an error. However, after extracting the software’s inside I’ve found the INPROCOMM installation software and it frickin’ works!

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