Fixing That Toshiba Satellite L10-114 Wireless Driver For Vista

Hey everyone. I’ve had a little problem recently with my laptop with the wireless drivers on the Toshiba Satellite L10-114. Apparently, the company who supplied the hardware, INPROCOMM went bust or was bought out (i presume) in 2005. I’ve found a way how to get it working again in Windows Vista.

Now everyone with a Toshiba Satellite L10-114 laptop might be stressing that their wireless won’t work. Well, I couldn’t find an answer on Google and the one and only driver that was supposed to work, didn’t. It infact produced an error. However, after extracting the software’s inside I’ve found the INPROCOMM installation software and it frickin’ works!

Toshiba Satellite L10-114 Wireless Fix

First, download Inprocomm_IPN2220_3.07.02.2005_driver.rar and follow these simple instructions:

  1. Extract the file Inprocomm_IPN2220_3.07.02.2005_driver.rar
  2. Open the executable file IPN2220 Wlan Driver and Utility.exe

That should be it. It will install and then the drivers should be installed and your wireless hardware should work! Yippie!

For me, it’s working on Vista Home Premium (32 bit). I’m not sure if it works on 64 bit (if there is even a 64 bit machine that has this hardware in). I’m pretty sure it would though. If anyone installs this on a 64 bit machine, do comment.

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